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Beautifully Simple

Local door-to-door transportation that just works.

Safe, Simple, Reliable

Connecting neighborhoods, serving our neighbors, making our cities and towns work better.


Welcome to the Evolution

The biggest change in mobility since Henry Ford

Are we kidding? No.

Henry Ford democratized owning a car. Now in most places you have to drive.

We're here to democratize NOT owning one.

What about Uber, the bus and biking?

If those work for you, fantastic. For most, driving is the only practical solution.

We're here to give folks a real option.

Still not convinced?

Fair enough. Remember when you were a kid, and you had full time drivers?

We're like that, except without all the yelling. On every single trip.


Enjoy the convenience of owning a car, for a fraction of the cost.

Affordable subscription transportation connects you to the places you like to go.

Choose a plan that fits, and we'll take care of the rest!

How it works:

Why choose Us?

1. Choose a membership plan according to your needs.

One price. Unlimited local rides. All month long. Freedom, Flex, and Family plans are designed for many lifestyles. Are you eligible for Membership?

Why choose Us?

2. Get on with life. When you need a ride, let us know.

Book a ride with an app or a phone call. On-demand too? Yep. Welcome to life on your schedule. Your next ride is just a few taps away.

Why choose Us?

3. Meet the car at the curb. Your driver won't be a stranger.

We'll let you know when the car arrives. Our drivers are locally hired, screened for safety, and trained to take care of the precious cargo (that's you).


Things we do...


Our proprietary scheduling system that makes us crazy efficient and flexible. That saves you time and money.


This is where you live, shop, learn, dine and play. It's how your city works. We're just working with it.

Transit Connections

The bus is still the cheapest way to get around. We make it easier to use and connect to.

Recurring Trips

For the regular stuff. Set it up, and the car arrives same place, same time. Do more, worry less.

Door through Door

Curb to curb is great for most of us, but not for all. When you need it, you need it. We've got it.


It's where you're going. Our place-based system thinks like you do. No maps, no confusing interface. Just go.


Call us. Everything you can do on the app, we can help you with over the phone.


Become a partner to book rides for your employees, patients, or other clients. Easy and automatic.

Ruby Box Ops

We're always working to improve. More variety in payment options and additional contact tools are coming.


Pricing varies, but the trips are always unlimited

Flex Plan

  • Unlimited Trips
  • 1 Local Zone
  • Next Available Pickup
  • Curated Trip Sharing
  • Digital Setup and Notifications
  • On-Demand & Scheduled
  • Limited Guest Privileges

Freedom Plan

Premium Features
  • Unlimited Trips
  • 1 Local Zone
  • Priority Pickup
  • Selective Trip Sharing
  • Digital Setup and Notifications
  • On-Demand, Scheduled & Recurring
  • Expanded Guest Privileges

Family Plan

  • Unlimited Trips
  • 1 Local Zone
  • Customized Accounts for Everyone
  • Selective Trip Sharing
  • Digital Setup and Notifications
  • On-Demand & Scheduled
  • Parental Controls for Kids Accounts


For Organizations
  • Managed Mobility for Groups
  • Use it for Employees, Patients, or Clients
  • Set the Rules for Sponsored Trips
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Controlled Access for Managers
  • See an ROI with Data Insights
  • Integration with Existing Business Services

Our customers speak:

The Life Group LA is grateful for the support and collaboration provided by RubyRide!... The Drivers were professional, helpful and kind and got the team where they needed to be safely and on time! We would not only use RubyRide in the future for all our agency’s transportation needs, but would with complete confidence refer them to others! We are truly grateful for your support..

Sunnie Rose Executive Director, Life Group LA.

As far as the service is concerned, I am extremely satisfied. Rubyride's drivers, cars, dispatchers, and mobile app, truly, the whole thing worked like a charm

Edin Phoenix

RubyRide has given me and my partner a new level of freedom and independence. We don't own a car, so RubyRide has been a great alternative that provides the door-to-door convenience that comes with a car. And we no longer have to pay for gas money, insurance, and all the other expenses!

Larry Pittsburgh, PA

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