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Safe, Simple, Reliable

Connecting Neighborhoods, Serving our Neighbors, making our cities and towns work better.


Safe, Simple, Reliable

Is RubyRide for you?

I Don't Have a Car

Whatever the reason, getting around without a car is tough. Best case it's expensive and inconvenient.

I Don't Want a Car

Car payments, insurance, maintenance, and all the hassles that go along with it. Isn't there any other way?

I don't want to drive all the Time

Traffic is a hassle, parking is a pain. It's great to get away, but around town all I'm doing is wearing it out.


Owning a car is stressful and costly.

RubyRide provides a real alternative with affordable subscription transportation,

helping you get around for a price and plan that works for you.

How it works:

Why choose Us?

1. Sign up for a monthly plan that suits your needs

Inside your community boundary, everything is free. Most likely that includes the places you already go - the grocery store, restaurants, churches - everything.

Why choose Us?

2. Get on with life. When you need a ride, let us know.

The app will start with a list of popular places in your community. Pick the one you want or add another. Select 'go now' or set up a trip for later.

Why choose Us?

3. Meet the car at the curb. The driver won't be a stranger.

Our friendly local drivers will get you where you need to go. Spend more time doing what matters, and less time managing your trips.


We believe in:

Freedom means you do what works for you. Schedule in advance or head to the store for a quick gallon of milk. Ride your bike to school and we'll give it a lift home when it rains. Focus on what matters - we'll keep our eyes on the road. Doesn't that feel good?

Drivers are people too.They're likely your neighbors. We expect them to show up on time every day and to look after our precious cargo (that's you). They pass rigorous background and substance abuse checks, and continuously work to make our neighborhoods a better place. We pay them a decent hourly wage and give them worker's comp (which protects in case of an injury at work). We hope to add even more benefits as we grow.

Because you're not just a number.One of our favorite early customers was a nurse - let's call her Mindy. Her hospital is a big place with about six entrances. After a 12 hour shift, the last thing she wants to do is figure out which door we're showing up to. So just for her, we put in a way to remember that. It's your life, your preferences. Set it up, name it ('Home' and 'Work' are popular) and we'll handle it. If you use us to connect to the bus, we'll help make sure you're there on time. Beause you matter.

Wouldn't it be great if you could tap your heels 3 times and just show up? There's a movie about that, and those magic shoes were Ruby-red. Suspicious, don't you think?
Anyway, we know it doesn't really work that way, but we also know that our cities and towns don't work very well for a lot of people. Parking lots are ugly, traffic is dangerous and counterproductive, and those who would most benefit from great access to jobs and health care usually can't live nearby. That means they're spending more time and money commuting, and less time getting ahead.
RubyRide is here to help. We understand cities, know transportation, and have wrestled with, experimented on, and talked to hundreds of people about mobility. We listened, learned, refined. And we're excited to show you what we've come up with.

It's a family affair.We're building a tool for people of all shapes and sizes. That includes the young ones (over 10 without a chaperone) and the older folks, too. Some drivers get themselves credentialed and trained for carrying kids, and our system works hard to keep make sure they get drivers you know. We'll keep you in the loop, as well, with text messages and a confirmation of the locations. We do the same thing for the older folks as well. Reliable, affordable service, familar, qualified drivers, and a whole lot of communication.
And yes, we are serious about inclusivity across the board. Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. It is expected of our drivers, and our passengers too.

You may be a special agentWe've done a lot of trips for both the young and the old. Most of those are set up by somebody else. If that somebody else is you, you're in luck - we make it easy to set up and simple to keep track of. You can even set up rules that keep everybody safe and productive. Here's an example: Your teenagers can set up trips for themselves to school, tennis lessons, and grandma's house. You get notified, they get freedom and safety.

There's just no reason to stay home.Philosophers tell us that we rarely regret the things we do - it's the things we didn't do that comes back to haunt us. When we were working on RubyRide, it was really important that we reward our customers for getting out in the world and living full lives. The subscription model does just that. Want to meet a friend at the park for a picnic? Of course you do. It's already paid for, and you don't even have to park. It's a beautiful day - seriously, just go!

Devilishly simple.Do you really want 17 options to get to the grocery store? Or even 3? Of course not. You just want to get there.
We know that it's not about the car. It's not even about the trip. It's about connecting you to the things that matter to you without taking your attention away from those things. Make that decision once, with RubyRide, and let us sweat the fine details. We think you'll be surprised at how simple it really can be.

We're glad you're here.One of the things we do a lot is talk to our customers about what they think about our service. And the thing people like the most is that they get to know the drivers. They enjoy the trips more and they feel safer. That's the great thing about our local setup. The drivers live nearby, so they're more effective. They know the area, so they're not so focused on the map. This also means we don't get too spread out. The monthly subscription helps with this too. If you just want the occasional trip, we'll help you out, but the real value is for those who depend on us.

Psst. Over here.Youre life and the places you go are your business. Not ours. We're just here to help. We're very careful about what information we keep, and meticulous about keeping your activities private. We don't keep credit card numbers - we leave that to the banks. We don't attach your name to your address and travel history. And we definitely don't share any of that with anybody, unless it's for a good reason. It's as important to us as it is to you.

Now serving everybody.Access is what we provide. We make a special effort to provide highly responsive service to our customers who need special accomodations. A wheelchair accessible vehicle is usually near each zone, prioritized for those who need it. Our operators can help with a wide variety of conditions that aren't well suited to a smartphone. We're working hard to extend the great RubyRide experience to all customers.

We're not perfect for every trip.But you'll be surprised at how many we are perfect for. And for the rest of them, we're here to help. If you connect your health care to RubyRide, it's likely they'll pick up those trips, if they're not nearby. If you have a favorite bus stop and route, when you open our app (still getting finished up) we'll let you know when it's next coming. For trips we can't handle, we'll give you a couple of good options and help make it happen.


Things we do...


Our proprietary scheduling system that makes us crazy efficient and flexible. That saves you time and money.


This is where you live, shop, learn and dine and play. It's how your city works. We're just working with it.

Bus Connect

The bus is still the cheapest way to get around. We make it easy to use and connect to.

Recurring Trips

Make you so powerful. When the car just shows up. No stress, no juggling details. Just doing.

Door through Door

Curb to curb is great for most of us, but not for all. When you need it, you need it. We've got it.


It's where you're going. Our place-based system thinks like you do. No maps, no confusing interface. Just go.


Call us. Almost everything you can do on the app, we can help you with.


It turns out you're very popular. Sponsored trips to specific places is easy and automatic.

Ruby Box Ops

We're always working to improve. More variety in payment options and additional contact tools are coming.


Varies by area, but generally...


starting at
  • Unlimited trips
  • 1 Local zone
  • 20 minute pickup window
  • Has Curated trip sharing
  • Digital Setup and Notifications
  • Pre-scheduled & On Demand
  • Phone Support - $7/month


Most Popular
  • Unlimited trips
  • 1 Local zone
  • Priority pickup
  • Has Curated trip sharing
  • Digital Setup and Notifications
  • Pre-scheduled & On Demand


starting at
  • Unlimited trips
  • 1 Local zone
  • Standard pickup window
  • Has Curated trip sharing
  • Digital Setup and Notifications
  • Pre-scheduled & On Demand
  • Phone & Email Support


Moving your Flock
  • Managed Mobility for Groups
  • Your GO-TO solution
  • Pre-set pricing on your terms
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Controlled Access
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Integration with existing services

Our customers speak:

The Life Group LA is grateful for the support and collaboration provided by RubyRide!... The Drivers were professional, helpful and kind and got the team where they needed to be safely and on time! We would not only use RubyRide in the future for all our agency’s transportation needs, but would with complete confidence refer them to others! We are truly grateful for your support..

Sunnie Rose Executive Director, Life Group LA.

As far as the service is concerned, I am extremely satisfied. Rubyride's drivers, cars, dispatchers, and mobile app, truly, the whole thing worked like a charm

Edin Phoenix

"I’m a senior on a fixed income. I need to go to the store, to doctors appointments and to visit friends and family. Driving myself is stressful and my vision is poor at night. I am flexible with my time and I don’t mind arriving to the doctor a little early. It is really easy to use and within 20 minutes the car picks me up. My drivers are always helpful and friendly!"

Helen Sun City, AZ

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